A compilation of the most frequently asked questions about ‘Motocross: Chasing the Dream’ that we get every day on social media and our forums.

When is the release date?

Currently, there is no public release date available. This is a project done on the side so we cannot guarantee a release date until we are sure we have a proper, playable game.

Will MCTD be released on console(PS4, Xbox One)?

It depends on the success of the project on PC first. We do not want to spend the time and money we do not have to develop on consoles if the project is just going to flop on the PC.

Is there a beta I can play?

No, sorry. While we work on the main mechanics, we want to keep all testing internal until we are comfortable opening up the game for beta play to the public. However, in the future that will most likely be different.

Is there a way to donate towards this project?

Not at this time. We are actively working on content to start a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game. When it is ready, it will be announced on all social media and our forums/website.

What is taking so long!? Why is this game not out yet!? It’s been three years!

We are an extremely small team working on this project as a hobby. We simply have other things to take care of first before we are able to work on the game such as school, jobs, and families. We understand waiting for a game to come out sucks, but we have other obligations that don’t allow us to dedicate all of our time to this. The team has a deep passion for this project, though, so we work on it every chance we get.

Is this project dead?

No. This goes along with the previous Q/A, but a lot of the time things get in the way of development. Remember, nothing is official news unless it is posted by us on our social media and forums/website.

*More Questions and answers will be added here as they become more frequently asked.