In the last couple of weeks, we have received a ton of compliments and good vibes and now that things are starting to calm down, it’s time to get some sort of structure going as we head into the release of our free demo.

What is this?

This is the first of many development logs in which I will go over what we have been working on since the last development log and where we are headed for the next one. Starting out, I plan on doing this every week or every other week depending on how much we get done. There are definitely going to be some weeks that will be skipped for whatever reasons, but I want to keep these as regular as possible.

Some things that will be covered in these dev logs:

  • New features
  • Bug fixes
  • Gameplay
  • Announcements
  • Media from you guys

Now on to the good stuff…

What happened to a few weeks for the free demo?

I admit that I got a bit ahead of myself in saying the free demo would be ready in a few weeks. It was originally supposed to release on, but our announcement absolutely blew up so we decided to release the free demo only on Steam. The issue is you’re not allowed to just throw up a build and store page and be done with it. With the rebuilding of LCQ Studios, there was a business restructuring process we had to start since we went so long in between without doing anything so unfortunately, we are waiting on other parties for certain business-y things before we can open the demo up to the public on Steam. I’m hoping that will be taken care of by sometime next week. Sorry☹️ Trust me, I’d rather be writing code than having to deal with this other stuff.


With the demo releasing soon, we are going to need a public place for bug reporting, general discussion, and organizing events so we have revamped our online forum to accommodate these needs. We have switched forum software so the forum is faster, more lightweight, and easier to use. If you had a forum account previously, all you will need to do is enter your username and request a password reset as passwords were not transferrable to the new forum software.

You can get started today here or go through the menu at the top of this page.

What we have been working on

As you can imagine, since we’re at the early stages of development, we have been bouncing around working on a multitude of things so I will try to keep it to stuff you all will care about.

Bike model

We were using a bike model from LC Creations from the MX Simulator forums for our initial testing, but Damien broke out his 125 model and converted the textures to PBR which will be our main bike moving forward. The bike is mean and nimble which makes it a blast to ride.

125 model
Rider model

If you saw any media from the game recently, you probably saw the big blue robot riding around on the bike. We wanted to have an actual rider model for the free demo release so Damien cooked one up in Blender and is set to be added to the game before the next dev log.

New rider model with the new 125 model

A track for the demo

Thank goodness I have some talented artists as friends because there is no way my demo track was going to cut it. We wanted a track for the demo that is going to test the physics and show you all the good and bad. I just wanted a short track to do that but RC said “I’ll do you one better” and made a whole nationals track with an arenacross track off to the side. They play super well and do a great job of showcasing where the physics are and what we need to work on.

WIP – Demo track base terrain


If you don’t know already, we are shooting for arcade-style physics as we believe more people can play the game and have fun while playing. The problem with arcade physics is most modern games are frustrating to play in some aspects so I am doing my best to fix those pain points. For the last few weeks, I have been working on ground physics from tuning steering/lean behavior to wheel slip when gassing it out of corners.

I have also been working a lot on the base in-air physics getting the bike to work with the ground physics on the faces of jumps as well as rotation timings in the air. A lot of the in-air physics will start to come together when we have our in-air procedural animations ready to really emphasize the bike’s rotation in the air.

Both of these categories still have major work to be done, but it is starting to come together really nicely. Here are a couple of videos of the bike on our new motocross track. Btw, I really like slot cameras so stop harassing me about it 😂

Braking bump heavy
A couple of big sends. Don’t mind the building in the middle of the jump lol

What’s next?

Over the next couple of weeks, we hope to get our issues with Steam sorted out so we can get a free demo out to you all. I have done a few test builds on Steam and they are working great, I just need to be able to set them live for the public which can’t happen until those issues are fixed.

While we are waiting on that, we will keep working on the models, tracks, and physics so you all will have the best experience possible.

And don’t forget to sign up on the forums if you’re interested in providing feedback, reporting bugs, or just want to talk about the game. We are active there as well as in our Discord server which you can find the invite to on the home page.

Thank you for all of your support! We will have some more for you soon.

Btw, MCTD runs great on the Steam Deck as of right now in case anyone was wondering.

MCTD on Steam Deck