Track Editor Preview

I don’t think this is considered gameplay, but I have a video I’d like to share with you about our track editor. In this video I demonstrate some of the capabilities of our editor. This is by no means the final version but it is the base. The UI will most definitely be changed and some other things as well. I have built in methods to load in pre-made heightmaps as well as view your track with our terrain shader enabled.

Here are some of the key features of our editor:

  • Import custom made heightmaps made in photoshop or another program
  • Import custom track objects (Trees, Tough blocks, Banners, Fences etc.) Colliders will automatically be enabled and you can specify if an object can move as well as the weight
  • Import custom textures and normal maps (Our norms will be used if you don’t import your own at the time you import textures)
  • Import custom brushes
  • Import custom jump and corner templates
  • Move, Scale, Rotate objects with ease instead of having to go to a file to move it ‘manually’
  • Set flagger/jump light positions
  • Choose how many gates you wish to have (2,5,10,20,40)

Although none of those things are showed in the video, I have a lot of them done already. Like I said, this is the base editor so go easy on it ๐Ÿ˜€ I just wanted to get some more content out there for you guys to see. I have no ETA on when I’ll feel comfortable putting up some actual gameplay, but just know it’s coming!

Here’s the video:

Huge thanks to everyone that is supporting us! Your excitement and passion motivates us more and more each day.

16 thoughts on “Track Editor Preview

  1. This looks fucking awesome! If I like the physics good enough, I will definitely transfer tracks from Halo (yes you can do motocross, arenacross and supercross on Halo). Depending on the physics I already have some tracks in mind to do.

  2. Looking good Michael!
    I’m a little sceptical about the texturing though. I really like the mask method MX Bikes has. You’re probably familiar with that idea. MX Simulator is cool with it’s decals as well. I think your method will cause some issues though. There aren’t any layers, so deleting one specific texture won’t work, will it? Perhaps I want to change the opacity on the dirt texture right before I’ll release my track. With masks I just change the mask colour. With decals I just change the decal opacity. With your method I’ll have to paint over the dirt again to luckly get the result I want. It looks pretty stressfull the way it is at the moment. I’d love to at least be able to have texture layers. A mix between masks (MX Bikes) and decals (MX Simulator) would be the best if you ask me.

    Obviously I could be totally wrong about this. Sorry if I am. Everything else looks really promising. Good job so far! I’m really curious to see how good this game will look track wise.

    Ps. Are the parameters in metric?

  3. Do you think you can do a thing where people who have consol can still download maps and track and bikes and gear like GTA for custom online races they have a website called rockstar social club if you add something like this in to the game the track creators can add tracks to that so consol uses can download and play also if they wanted to make there own track to play GTA also have a feature that lets consol users make there own track in game you can add a feature like this.
    Good work on the game keep it up

    1. I dont know. I have a few connections with sound people at school so I will do my best to make them as realistic as possible. It’s extremely hard to do it digitally so try to take it easy on all the moto developers lol. Especially us since we are just doing this for fun.

  4. Just had a quick question. I was watching a YouTube vid about this and the dude mentioned something about a practice track/compound. Now if this exists, will there be a way in game to create it to make it different from everyone else’s? I just know I’m not very good with importing this and that to create new stuff. Was just curious. It’s all looking awesome though!

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