Stock Bike Design Competition

Calling all graphics designers and artists!
LCQ Studios wants you to create the stock graphics kits for our stock bike that will be releasing with our alpha. We will supply a cutout as a download for each participant to create their graphics kit on. Participants will have until June 1st to submit their kit to the LCQ staff. On June 5th all submissions will be posted here on our site. The submissions will be up for week as the community will vote on which one’s are the best. There Will be three winners chosen and prizes are as follows.


  • Your graphics will but put in the game as the stock graphics.
  • You will get a render of the bike with your graphics on it.
  • You will get a free digital copy of the game upon the release of alpha. (PC)

There are some rules for which will be listed below.


  • All submissions must have full coverage on the cutout.
  • Your design must be your own. No submissions will be accepted if they are replicas, look like they were based off replicas or have too much of a similar look to a replica. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • No logos are allowed to be on your submission. Keep in mind these will be stock graphics and we have no affiliation with any other brand, not even your personal logo/brand.
  • You will be given credit for your work so please, no names on the graphics kit.
  • The official LCQ Studios logo must be used and will be available with the cutout below.
  • You may include a .txt file with your color preferences for plastics, seat, barpad, and frame/swingarm. If not our own preference will be used.
  • We would greatly appreciate it if you compress your submission and optional .txt file in a .rar or .zip file.
  • Your submission must be named “yourName_CutoutSubmission.rar(or .zip)”.

All submissions are to be sent to with a subject of “Stock Bike Cutout Submission“.
We look forward to getting all of your submissions and hopefully we get some close competition from this!
Good luck!



Cutout Download – .psd
Cutout Download – .png

18 thoughts on “Stock Bike Design Competition

  1. To any of the game designer peoples, will the shrouds and sideplates be somewhat disconnected to where they are different colors (like the 2016 stock Husqvarna 450) or will the shroud and side plates all be one plastic color? Or is that our choice? Just trying to get everything perfected and know as much as I can

    1. Each piece on the cutout can be its own color. You can include your color preferences in a text file.
      “You may include a .txt file with your color preferences for plastics, seat, barpad, and frame/swingarm. If not our own preference will be used.”

  2. If you guys come to a tough decision in the process of choosing the winners, you should let the public(this website) help in the decision with votes. It would make the majority happier to see graphics they want.

      1. Sweet, would you guys mind if I post this on Reflex-Central? If you don’t know, Reflex Central is a modding website for MxVsAtvReflex. There are a lot of creators on that site making maps, decals for bikes, and gear.

          1. I don’t believe they would be annoyed. The community would most likely be happy to see another motocross game in development. If you would not like me to do it I am fine with your decision.

  3. Just found out about you guys, glad someone posted about it! Definitely interested in seeing what you guys do! Good luck to everyone, will be awesome to see what the community and this studio are able to do!

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