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4 A.M has become a familiar time to me over the past few months. I come home from class, play a few video games with my friends and dive straight into working on our game around 11 P.M and work until the sun comes up. Many times I ask myself “Why don’t you just go to bed? You can do this later” and I’m quickly reminded what we are trying to do and whom we are doing it for. Steady Progression has been a goal of mine specifically for this project lately and I can happily say I’ve been making it happen. We haven’t shown much so you wouldn’t be able to tell, but a lot has been changed for the better graphically and systematically. With Milestone and Rainbow releasing their titles this year, I feel as though we are and will be in their shadow as they get the motocross community hyped for new moto games (I think they both look sick btw). However, when we step out we’re going to be bringing a lot to the table.
I have spent a lot of time recently going through not only our comments, but comments from Milestone and Rainbow’s posts as well as the MX Simulator forums. The majority of people are wanting easy to pick up controls but also controls that take some time to master and get good at. While our target gameplay is a mix of simulation and casual elements, I’ve done a lot of thinking about which elements need to be more for sim and which ones need to be more casual. This had led me to rework a few things physics wise to match the theory that I’ve come up with.
The first major change was to the wheels. We are using a realistic friction model in our wheels. This means we can take real world traction data such as slip and falloff angles and apply them via curves to the wheels based on what type of terrain the player is in. We can do this dynamically so if we wanted to have a mud hole and in the next section have a blue grooved corner we could. The tire on the wheel has been modeled programmatically to real tire dimensions down to the knobbies.
Another big change has been our rider physics. I used to fake the rider movement in the bike physics and while that did work, I wasn’t satisfied with the way I was doing it. I moved the whole rider to a new system that is totally physics based. Each body part has been set to its real world weight based on what a normal human being that is X amount tall weighs in total. This helps turn and lean the bike however you want in a pretty realistic way. We are having a few troubles with it but they are just a few small bugs that can be fixed easily.
Lastly, with this realistic mapping of the rider physics, we have created a ragdoll that reacts to falling the way you’d expect. This is the boring part because almost every single motocross game you have played has had a ragdoll when you crash. What happens after that though? You get reset like nothing happened. Not with our rider! When you fall your rider gets up and then you have to jog back to your bike. This is the system I have been working on lately. It boggles my mind how this hasn’t been done anywhere else in moto gaming history and because of that I feel like we need to make it as perfect as possible setting the bar for these bigger studios. While it’s not there yet, it is getting very close! This is the last major thing to get done and this is why I have been putting so many hours in lately. It’s making me so excited to share with you all a never before seen feature in a motocross game.

Here are a couple screenshots of the rider laying on the ground just because. Remember the ragdoll is totally physics based so this isn’t how it laands every time.
Crashed rider 1
Crashed rider 2

The next two months are going to be stellar for motocross games. With Milestone’s game releasing tomorrow and Rainbow’s releasing in march, I just want to ask you to not forget about us or count us out. Developing a game takes a long time and while we are nowhere close to being done, we’re close to sharing what we have with you. I’m so proud of the team I am fortunate enough to work with and I know we’re going to do big things. Thank you for all your kind words and support lately. More updates soon!

5 thoughts on “Steady Progression

  1. Hello,
    I personally think that Milestones and Rainbows games are not soo special, Looks like another money grab from them with bullshit physics and gameplay…(Reflex fan here)
    I am waiting for your game as a child for Christmas. It looks interesting and something new, not another copy.
    So this is just to let you know that I will not count you out because I don’t care about others 🙂 I really hope you will release some Kickstarter or something so I can really prove my support via money.
    You progress so far is amazing considering you doing it for fun, and what proofs it is your new system when you crash, you have to move to your bike on your own which is amazing.

    Keep up your nice work!

  2. Well; thank you for doing it !
    I personally follow the news of the game very closely ’cause it looks really great ! So take the time you need to make it perfect. I may go on the big studio’s ones while waiting but won’t forget about you at all. and i can’t wait to see a playable version !

    keep the good work !

  3. Just want you to know there are germans waiting for your game, too. I hope your physics are far away from milestones games. I like mx sim very much, also ran a few amateur series, but right now its getting a little too old in my mind. Good sim-near physics, some new features like running to your bike (and not only losing 3sec like mx vs atv) and maybe a good track deformation and rut-forming may let me play your game for years. What we see right now (Customizing bike, graphics of the Screenshots) looks incredible, so i’m really looking forward to see whats coming next. Have fun and be sure we are waiting for your game!

  4. Hello,
    I have been checking the LCQ Studios website and Instagram daily waiting for more content and i’m glad to see this appear! I cannot believe the hours amount of work that is being put into this game and i can clearly see just through your words of how dedicated you are to this amazing project. With that being said, I think all help would be great, especially from me. Just imagine, your at the starting line for the LCQ, your waiting for the gate drop, the excitement, the adrenaline, all rushing through your vain’s, the thought knowing this is your last chance to get into the main, the last chance to show yourself, to prove you are ready for the night show. When the gate drops there is no going back, you have to finish the race and prove that you are ready and that you are capable of achieving your goals. If you don’t make it one weekend, you shake it off and work for the next one. But when you do get that victory, when you do make it into the night show, you have your team right beside you, the team that has never given up on you, the team that was there from the start and gave as much dedication as you did. I believe that you need that in a team. I currently am also apart of the Mx Simulator Community and my main role is to create graphics. I believe my graphic making skills could help a lot as this is what catches the eye of the player. I am open to helping with anything else, as i catch on to things easily, I am a very hard worker, and no matter what I don’t give up.
    Thank You,
    Noah Karassy

  5. This is going to be such an awesome game just from adding this ‘get back to your bike after falling’ system. Will be so cool and realistic and I’m really looking foward to see your further progress. Whatever happens, please do NOT quit on this project. We all appreciate what you are doing so much and are always behind you. Keep up the good work!

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