Rider Cloth



I’d like to share the progress we are making with the rider cloth. I’ll be posting update pictures of all the pieces we need for our rider, and the first pics are of the jersey hig res sculpt 3D model. I tried to add as much detail i think is necessary to get a good realistic look ingame (Wrinkles, seams, etc..), i just hope to make a good player model for you guys.. I hope you like this šŸ™‚


Pants Added! (The bottom part may look odd because it goes into the boots, is just for reference purposes šŸ˜€ )

22 thoughts on “Rider Cloth

  1. Looks super sick and the detail is amazing but the bottom of the jersey where its like flat is that where it will tuck into the pants? because it kinda looks like a hoodie as is right now but again looks good!

    1. Thank you MotoSloth! Exactly like you imagine, is the bottom part that goes into the pants so will never be seen, It’s just a reference piece for me right now. I’ll post a full rider image with all the rider parts on, as soon i get more pieces done šŸ™‚

  2. wow, arguably the best modelling i’ve seen in current mx games. your style has a modern touch as well.
    from the amount of detail you are putting into these models, i’m getting a lifelike vibe for this game. very impressive work so far!

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