News and Updates 12-13-16

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know whats going on over here in LCQ land. Ill be splitting up into two categories; News and Updates. Shocker I know.
So, I checked the user sign ups last night and noticed 46 pending sign ups. I discovered every single one was waiting on a confirmation email to verify their accounts. I then checked the registration page’s phpmailer() function was not working correctly so I took it out and added a captcha to fight against spam sign-ups. All of those accounts are now verified so you’re good to post comments and interact with other users.
Thank you all so much for signing up. We have had over 70 people sign up in less than a week and we haven’t even started marketing yet, which is so crazy!
We will be doing a Q&A this weekend with JackD 175 to answer some questions about our development and just our game in general. If you have any questions you’d like to hear us answer go leave them on his video!

Finals week is almost over which means I can get back to programming. Im so excited to start getting things done and showing you guys stuff along the way. Our modeling department is pumping out a lot of cool pieces that we’ll share with you soon. Our environment department will be coming out of testing soon and will start making the actual alpha tracks which Im sure you’re all stoked to see.

Once again, thank you all for the massive support you’re giving us! We appreciate it so much and were working extremely hard to make the best motocross game ever. By riders for riders.

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        1. Thank you! Im not sure to be honest. It’s just something we’re going to have to figure out as we go along. We are going to have a playable demo for OEM companies with their gear or bikes showing off what we can do and go from there.

          1. Sounds like a plan. From what I’ve heard about OEM licencing from other devs, apparently some companies require payment for rights to feature their brand in a game.
            Suppose a start is a solid product to begin with and obviously using the right angle when negotiating with said companies.

            1. Yeah I figured there’d be some that would want us to pay so we wont be able to until we make some profit. We may do some crowd funding so maybe some of that could go to licenses but Im not sure yet.

              1. Hi I found a video on youtube that had someone talking about this game is there a trailer or game play something like that if so can you please tell me where to go I think I might be interested in this game I really like dirt bike games thanks.

  1. Maybe you guys could go with the MXS route where the users can make the OEM parts so that you guys could focus more budget on other things because as a little indie studio it may be ludicrous to try and get rights to big company’s products

      1. It’s understandable that you would rather have the licences, firstly it would increase the stock value of the game and secondly you would have more control over art quality. Looking forward to the q/a!

  2. Do you guys have an email I can reach at?

    I can lend some design experience (graphic), help with marketing (my background is doing pitch decks for funding), and more than likely connect you with some people in moto that would be interested in sponsoring the project.

  3. Hey lads, Recently found out about this project and im pretty fucking stoked! im just curious as to whether u have someone to design marketing graphics/game cover art ect, if you dont is there a way to pm as i would love to help out with this!

    1. Glad you’re stoked! Unfortunately, we’re not making any additions to the team at this time. However, I’m currently working on a page for the site to apply for certain jobs for us to take into consideration in the very near future.

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