Motocross | Last Chance Qualifier

Hello everyone, my name is Damien Desmond and I am one of the 3d artist here at LCQ Studios. Today I would like to present to you the name we have chosen for the motocross game we are currently developing. After many months of us talking back and forth, we have decided from now on we will be calling the game the following:

Motocross | Last Chance Qualifier

The reason why we wanted this name was pretty simple; It fits! Our game will feature a non-linear single player mode where we want each time you play to more unique with story changes :)… Below is the basic layout for our single player and how we want things to run…

Single Player Concept 

There are three different paths you can take.These are dependent on how well you do as a 50cc rider, and how far you take yourself. It is all decision based and will affect how your future plays out.

Should you do well as a 50cc rider (winning a title at Loretta’s) you will have factory teams offering to groom you for the future. This will be the “Prodigy” route. You will be expected to win multiple amateur titles, which will not be easy. The expectations are high, however, the rewards are very worthwhile. Pretty much everything is paid for by your sponsors.

Say you don’t have such a great 50cc career, you’re a slow learner, as some kids are, but you start to show some real potential in the 85/supermini class, maybe placing well at Lorettas, but not winning a title. This will be the “sleeper” route. Factory support will be non-existent, however a company or other source will help build you bikes that will be on par to compete with the factory boys. This will not be free, but will be discounted. Individual sponsors will come along that will help you with gear/travel, etc. You will have your 125/250 amateur career to impress the factories; let’s hope you do.

You have failed to impress the factories, or any big sponsors in general. All is not lost, though! Your 85cc career was a bust, qualifying but not placing well at Loretta’a, or not qualifying for Loretta’s at all. You will have a chip on your shoulder, though. You know you deserved to be there but things didn’t go your way (crashed out, taken out, etc). Your only support is you and/or your family, and a couple local sponsors. Finances will be tough, and hitting the amateur races will be expensive, so you will have to do everything in your power to impress somebody, anybody willing to help.
This route will be completely different than the other two; The rider will be given a trait that will allow him/her to push harder and longer than most riders, a will to prove everybody wrong.

We will have Neal Wells ( the person behind single player ) to go more in depth with everything when we get further along…
The single player career is set to release after alpha.

I hope everyone is pretty happy with the name and who knows we may even have the community get involved 😉

Edit: As of today, 1-10-2017, our game will be known as Motocross | Last Chance Qualifier. We have made this change due the similarity of names with a different product. -hodge47

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    1. Is everything an acceptable answer? haha Im working on bike physics, the modelers are working on bikes/rider/animations etc, environment artists are working on tracks, our network programmer is working on multiplayer, and the list goes on.

  1. I love to see everything you guys are doing. I know you guys are working really hard on what you already have, but can I make a few suggestions? My first suggestion would be injuries. After seeing what you plan to do and what the career is going to be, why not have injuries. Certain injuries take as many as 1 race to a full season. I thought it would be an add on to how crashing will be. Another suggestion I have is the actual crashing. Your concept is very creative and life-like, but I don’t want to see the same movement everytime I get on the bike. Maybe if the bike lays there longer, it will take a few more kicks. Also, if you crashed hard enough you can lose your front brake or a lever breaks off, maybe even the bike altogether will not work. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I know it will be insane work to do this. I just wanted to be able to put my opinion up there for you to consider. Thank you to all workers at LCQ Studios for all of your labor and hard work and I cannot wait to get this game!!

  2. Amazing features,

    some ideas

    cut scenes would be a good thing.
    damaged bike with crashes also a good idea (broken exhaust, less power that stuff)
    earn new mechanics, suspension guys to get better bikes.

    i will pay even $80 for such a quality game

    1. Hey! Im just going to answer all of your questions here haha
      1) We’re going to have a very in depth career mode in version 1.0 (so not alpha).
      2) Just a one time payment 🙂
      3) We’re looking into it for 1.x (again, not alpha).

      1. Hey my is Domanic, and honestly I think if u guys can get the game play down with no lags this game will be the next thing. I my self race motocross and never had the chance to go as far as I wanted. But this game sounds like it could really get me hooked playing it “making sure I make it this time haha” but sounds good don’t let negativity get to you game sound fucking awesome dude can’t wait to get it when it releases.

  3. Sounds great! Please don’t make the same mistake as all other MX games! Place in a free-ride mode with good tracks and even just some maps of trails, some of us love trail rides and a mixture of jumps….

    I know it’s a lot to ask for, but it would be awesome to have a free-ride mode where we can free-ride around the city with friends. Maybe some neighborhood, with woods/trails and a actual mx track area for us to all login and free-ride with our friends or even get chased by the cops when we get bored. The basic concept of this would be GTA mixed with MXGP2…If you could make that happen, this game would never die!

  4. Will there be a wide choice of customisation in the game with the bikes and gear also I was wondering if your bike can actuly damage if you crash hard like snap a front plastic or even if your tires wear down as you ride great game guys keep it up

  5. Not trying to be rude or anything but I think the new name is pretty bad, when I read it just puts a weird image in my head of what I think the game is gonna be. Also is there gonna be an update anytime soon? Its been awhile

    1. If it’s a bad game why are so many people interested in it and asking questions about it also if you think it’s bad why are you here. You should really think before you speak because one reason they aren’t updating is they can be to busy creating the game it’s self.

      1. The name is subject to change again. We realized that Feld could sue us for the old name so we needed a quick change.
        Updates are coming relatively soon, but we’re working very hard so please have patients with us. We only have so much free time throughout the week to work on the game.

  6. My home track is Washougal, will you have national tracks on the game as well as supercross and maybe some GP European tracks? Big name racers like Stewart, Carmichael, “Dream Land”, Ryan Villopoto, Kevin Windham, Trey Canard, Justin Barcia, Pala raceway, Perris raceway, etc?? Ryan Villopoto just took over Straddeline OHV park in Olympia WA. Badass track!!

    1. Should also include dune free ride areas like glamis, Winchester bay in Oregon and St. Anthony dunes in Idaho. Can have big free ride events like “Doonies” at Glamis and “Dunefest” at Winchester bay, Huge real life events!!

  7. Should try and make it like a free roam GTA style where it’s almost real life and you have to start from scratch and climb the ranks and sign different events, use purse money to buy home with property and dozer to build shop and test facilities. Just some ideas I race local 450a class but I love my MoTo games lol wish I could give you more ideas or help with planning or getting you in touch with sponsors like, MotoStuff brakes (They supply Team geico Honda and other factory teams with their custom brakes and I know the owner Scott personally) and other big name pros I know. Travis pastrana and Brett cue #365 would be all over this idea considering it’s a kick ass idea and Travis came out with “MTX Mototrax” back in the PS2 days

    Here is my email

  8. The career concept is awesome. Reminds me of how Project Cars made theirs. Maybe it’s too ambitious but I think that concept would be great as a multiplayer mode too. Like a server that hosts those different paths (I.E. Win Loretta’s on an amateur server on a 50cc and “graduate” to the next class which hosts and tracks events for their server(s)). Just a “what-if” from someone with very little knowledge about making a video game. Can’t wait to see some more development and gameplay from you guys!

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