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    Looks super sick and the detail is amazing but the bottom of the jersey where its like flat is that where it will tuck into the pants? because it kinda looks like a hoodie as is right now but again looks good!

    • Thank you MotoSloth! Exactly like you imagine, is the bottom part that goes into the pants so will never be seen, It’s just a reference piece for me right now. I’ll post a full rider image with all the rider parts on, as soon i get more pieces done 🙂

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    Maybe you guys could go with the MXS route where the users can make the OEM parts so that you guys could focus more budget on other things because as a little indie studio it may be ludicrous to try and get rights to big company’s products

    • I’m not sure when/if we’re going to open up the game to user models. The thing is we want the licenses. I don’t know yet only time will tell.

      • It’s understandable that you would rather have the licences, firstly it would increase the stock value of the game and secondly you would have more control over art quality. Looking forward to the q/a!

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    Just the amount of different variations of the helmets gets me excited for all the gear and bike customization that could be in here! Keep it up

    • Hello MotoSloth! Thanks for your comment. We are very excited too about all the possibilities we can offer. We’ll be ahead of any other thing we could add, but if you have any idea, let us know! 🙂

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    This sounds amazing hope you guys can pull this through! Just as a curios question how long have you guys been working on this?

    • Thanks! Ive been working on the code for over a year now, and in the art department some of the guys have been working for a few months.

      • just make sure the bikes sound good and the rider-movement is correct with whipping scrubs ect and if we can get an editor type thing like mx simulator to capture screenshots that’d be sick!