Ashton Bond

  • bobond posted a new activity comment 1 year, 2 months ago

    Will there be brand names or will you guys not have licensing?

    • We have to talk to some companies when we get a playable demo. We hope the companies we’re going to pitch to will give us licensing and others will follow.

      • Best of luck with negotiations on the playable demo. So how does getting OEM licencing for games work in terms of approaching companies, would a playable demo serve as a portfolio of sorts?

        • Thank you! Im not sure to be honest. It’s just something we’re going to have to figure out as we go along. We are going to have a playable demo for OEM companies with their gear or bikes showing off what we can do and go from there.

          • Sounds like a plan. From what I’ve heard about OEM licencing from other devs, apparently some companies require payment for rights to feature their brand in a game.
            Suppose a start is a solid product to begin with and obviously using the right angle when negotiating with said companies.

            • Yeah I figured there’d be some that would want us to pay so we wont be able to until we make some profit. We may do some crowd funding so maybe some of that could go to licenses but Im not sure yet.

              • Hi I found a video on youtube that had someone talking about this game is there a trailer or game play something like that if so can you please tell me where to go I think I might be interested in this game I really like dirt bike games thanks.