Later September ✌️

Summer came and went in the blink of an eye. Seems like yesterday that we were finishing up the model and textures for the bike getting them ready to put in game. As most of you know, at the start of this month we were supposed to start our Kickstarter campaign, but we just weren’t ready. We had a major problem with some physics stuff because of the new bike model. Things weren’t mapping right and the physics freaked out because of it. I won’t go into anymore detail about it since it’s complicated, but we seem to have fixed it allowing us to continue. We could start our Kickstarter campaign as it stands now, but we have started working on some really cool things that we want to show off in the campaign now. We have a date in mind, but for now that information will stay with us. It wont be too long from now!

Our main focus, lately, has been inverse kinematic movements with our rider. With inverse kinematics we are able to do advanced animations through code without the need for tedious animating in a 3D program. This is giving our 3D artists more time to to work on other things while giving us next level animation control over our rider. There’s no doubt other moto games use this technology as well, but Damien and I are taking them a step further with his 3D skills, my programming and our combined knowledge of motocross. This technology is on display in our newest screenshots from our initial tests. (Yes, those are in game with yours truly behind the bars.)

We also just released a video on YouTube showcasing our dynamic first person camera. There are a few problems with it in it’s early stages like the riders arm clipping and camera shake, but we think it’s shaping up to be cool. The camera motions are synced with the riders animations so things flow smoothly.

We are extremely close to being able to launch our Kickstarter and show you guys some full game-play. We need to finish up our riders animations for his states including sitting, standing and jumping which should be done by the end of next week. We are also working on a 2 stroke and enduro bike which are both almost done; All they need done to them is texturing. After that, all we need to do is some last minute physics tweaking and scene management, then, game-play videos!. We are all so excited and can’t wait to show you!
Like always, thank you so much for all of your kind words as we attempt to achieve our dreams. We’ve been getting a huge amount of questions sent to us on Facebook and while we do answer most, we are unable to answer all of them. We are going to be putting up an FAQ’s page in the coming week(s), but feel free to check the forums. I guarantee your question has been answered there 😉

(I know this post is super ugly. Will make it easier to read later.)

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