First In-Game Riding Screenshot

Tonight we have reached an exciting milestone in our development. We have finally gotten the rider on the bike working how we want it to. Everything is still a work in progress, but we were too stoked not to share this with you all. Everything you see is directly taken from in-game meaning no additional touches were made in Photoshop. Thank you for all of your continued support as we grow closer and closer to releasing the alpha.

8 thoughts on “First In-Game Riding Screenshot

    1. This was just in a test scene haha. We actually had the helmet off too but we didn’t want to promote riding without one. There’s still a lot to fix on the rider for example the hands. They’re not even gripping the bars ????

  1. Wow, cool. I think if you had the rider turn his head more towards the exit of the turn it could possibly look more authentic. The legs and arms look good. Like you said you just have to find a way to get his hand to wrap around the grips. But overall it looks crazy awesome!!
    I can’t wait for the game!!

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