Welcome to LCQ Studios. We are just a group of ‘wanna-be’ developers who want to create an extraordinary motocross game and whatever gets thrown at us next. LCQ stands for ‘Last Chance Qualifier’ in motocross and other forms of racing. We named our studio that because some of us are considered the underdogs of the industry, and we are fighting hard to get our chance to compete with the professionals; While another percentage of the team is fighting to keep their foot in the door of the games industry. We promise to never give up and to work as hard and efficiently as we possibly can to satisfy the users of our products.

Meet our team!

Michael Hodge – Co-Founder/Game Programming

Alex Lewis – Co-Founder/Lead Environment Artist

Leandro Castagno – Lead 3D Designer/Modeler

Damien Desmond – Senior 3D Designer/Modeler

Kyle Watts – Senior Environment Artist

Thomas Bailey – Lead Branding/Marketing/Texturing

David Henschen – Social Media