Update – February Summary/March Road-map

Hello, everyone! It has been a very exciting and challenging 2017 so far for all of us at LCQ. So many of you are supporting us one hundred percent and are so excited for our motocross game, so we are working our butts of for you guys. It’s really complicated fitting in time to work on the game since we all are either at our real job or in class. However, we still manage to make some of the most rad stuff I’ve ever seen. Our modeling department is making great strides in creating next level visuals, our environment department just figured out their development pipeline so that is about to take off with some updates coming very soon (We […]

Rider Update!

Hello Riders!! I’m Leandro Castagno, Lead 3D modeler of LCQ Studios and i’m very happy to bring you all some new updates of the game project. This time is about our game rider model. It’s been a long hard work to get this done reaching as much realism we want for our game. It’s not yet finished, left me to work on the mud, dust effects and some others. We beg you some patience since most of the first assets we are making for the game, needs a lot of work hours. But we’ll be updating more faster as the time goes by. I’ll leave some screenshots of the rider for you to enjoy! Thank you so much for your […]

Motocross | Last Chance Qualifier

Hello everyone, my name is Damien Desmond and I am one of the 3d artist here at LCQ Studios. Today I would like to present to you the name we have chosen for the motocross game we are currently developing. After many months of us talking back and forth, we have decided from now on we will be calling the game the following: Motocross | Last Chance Qualifier The reason why we wanted this name was pretty simple; It fits! Our game will feature a non-linear single player mode where we want each time you play to more unique with story changes :)… Below is the basic layout for our single player and how we want things to run… Single […]

News and Updates 12-13-16

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know whats going on over here in LCQ land. Ill be splitting up into two categories; News and Updates. Shocker I know. News So, I checked the user sign ups last night and noticed 46 pending sign ups. I discovered every single one was waiting on a confirmation email to verify their accounts. I then checked the registration page’s phpmailer() function was not working correctly so I took it out and added a captcha to fight against spam sign-ups. All of those accounts are now verified so you’re good to post comments and interact with other users. Thank you all so much for signing up. We have had over 70 people sign […]

Track Editor Preview

I don’t think this is considered gameplay, but I have a video I’d like to share with you about our track editor. In this video I demonstrate some of the capabilities of our editor. This is by no means the final version but it is the base. The UI will most definitely be changed and some other things as well. I have built in methods to load in pre-made heightmaps as well as view your track with our terrain shader enabled. Here are some of the key features of our editor: Import custom made heightmaps made in photoshop or another program Import custom track objects (Trees, Tough blocks, Banners, Fences etc.) Colliders will automatically be enabled and you can specify […]

Alpha Feature List

Hey everyone! I started working on a feature list that I would love to share with you. All of the things in the list are features we’re working diligently to get into the early access game. I know there is tons of stuff there but I know we can do it before our release day. Which, by the way, we have not set yet so don’t ask 😉 I will continue to update this post as we add features or take them away. Also, I will put other information and just overall development updates in here as well. Now, let’s get to the stuff you want to see. I have grouped the features into “classes” based on the different sections […]

Helmet (3D assets)

Hello! I’m Leandro Castagno from Argentina, I’m one of the 3D artists for this project, very happy to be in! and i’d like to show this work in progress of the helmet for the rider. The first of a lot of helmets (I hope so because i got a lot of fun by making it). This asset is very important because it gave me the ability to create a procedural material that will allow us to have some cool features in the game. Some of this features can be seeing in top videogames and we hope to get that same quality and to offer our players a very complete game, trying to catch as much realism we can. That said, […]